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Para Mac OS X o posterior, aunque requiere la instalación del servidor X Corel, Illustrator en LINUX es Inkscape, el punto es que quisiera preguntarte.

Oitler No. Length o. IIas the: You can use it in awkward corners where you ean't get with a steel "point file. CS" Long. All 60 G-rit wheels iri-""u.

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High grade blush with long curved handle. Cadmium p lated for rust prevention. The crimped wire bristles will wear evenly. Any size may be had in any size arbor hole. We also carry the Carbon Cleaning Brush in crirnped wire not twisted. When or- dering be sure to spec- ify Arbor Hole. Just what you need for cleaning dirt. Prevents injury. Page Six. FG-3 Sizes: Also a carburetor Order No.

FG-8 Page Seoen. FG-6 Gauges. FG-7 Broke Gouge Contains one each. Most complete for general repair and machine shop practice. Contains 1 each. Order No.. Ev- erything you need for points and spark plugs. FG Consists of 25 blades from. FG lgnition Gouge Contains twelve blades. Contains 1 ea.

Page Eight.

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One each. One end for intake valves. Size Size. Mechanics like these Holders. Feeler Stock Holders Holders are excellent for roll stock use. The double end holds 2 sizes stock for valve work. Hock Sow Low backed llack Saw using all steel constrnction for 10" sas bladee. Page Ten. They cut faster. The handle is underslung and designed so power is delivered along the Une of the blade. Blades are the reenlt of nany yearg erperience in blade manufac- ture and of the highest possible quality. Length IIS. Esy grip-non-slip.

The handle and rear lrcrtion are a one-piece design with hand aper- ture large enough for ample knuckle clearance.

How Snap-on Tools Ratchets Its Brand

Dvery wer of hack saw blades can proft by the elimination of breakage. Plated and Rustproofed.

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Stondord Hock Sow Blodes Made by special procees frcm ffnest tungsten steel assuring tough. Red pyralin hand grips give a 6rm hold and stand out in attractive contrast to the full-plated and highly polished frame. AU parts are fully heat treated. Low Bock. IISHack Saw.


Brass and Lead tubing. TBThread Restorer-has 9. TC2 5" long. LS Pall! Vt -reB Id roJ s. Upoq r? P a sBH 'pollu. VC Page Fourteen. Th"v are buili to work in m electric drill prefgrablv-Yrl'.. Will not bend valve stem. Valve Spring Motors that are within range of the tool. Saves time-doeb a bet- ter job. Valve Guide Cleanerg Order No. Two popular rizes. Heat treated and guaranteed. Is also used to spread shock absorber link clamps. Center is quality steel with frst quality hlckory handle. Opening is forged lLll6" wide to straddie bolts on Ford.

I Btr 2. PH Round Face " Dia. Well balanced and will give ercellent renlce. Especially useful for fitting piston pins. Adjustable for all General Motors Cars ana-fi"Etii. Siecial' adjusting irut permits tight in- stallation of feriule on repaired door panels and rear deck lids that have been built up unevenly by welding or with body solder. This is -a a really really. Shorts or breaks Page Sixteen. The red section further subdivided showing "Leaky Mani- fold. Vocuum Gouge Vacuum Gauge shown above is 4 necess. Hose included with bool No.

TKComplete Set as shown above. The gauge is also used in checking faulty fuel pump pres- - sure. The lens construction lights up strong showing tim- Page Seoenteen. VG-5 Compression Tester Registers from zeio to pounds compression -per square inch and holds the highest compression re-ading until release button returns the reading to zero. Cone adapter not affected by grease or gasoline. The vacuum and fuel pump gauge detects engine trouble from leaky manifolds [o weak valve spring-s. Dial is calibrated into 5-pound divisions. Cf-5 Timing Light Rugged ease will take hard usage given this tool during work.

For all spark plug holes. The dial is calibrated and marked in differdnt colors to indicate the trouble. No Flash. Dead Plug. TU-ttg-'Contact Aligning Tool. Screw Drivers: Not Replaceable.

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Ons6t driver for V-8 Distributor model on. Stringy Flash' Plug Partly Fouled. TUVoltage Regulator Tool.

Gives a wide range oi'briliance for spark plug testing. STLength 4" Order No. Fullv guaranteed rcainst defects in workmanrhip and material. Bottery Plier Order No. Page Nineteen..

Includes three insert sizes: View Details. Repairs Ford Triton engines from - where spark plugs have blown out. Repairs cylinders without removing the heads. Features a patented insert that becomes a permanent part of the engine A three step kit for removing spark plugs that have seized in the engine head and are broken. Includes a unique porcelain puller tool that snaps onto the terminal of a broken spark plug to pull the porcelain out. Kit contains a porcelain pusher for when the porcelain breaks off in the spark plug tip and a self-tapping puller to remove the seized metal tip Includes housing and puller that snaps onto the terminal of a broken spark plug to pull the porcelain out of the way so the plug tip can be removed.

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