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Portal 2 Crash On Startup (HowTo Fix!)

I wondered if anyone here has got it working and could share their setup. Online, people recommend you use the steam download to install it, so I've tried that. At first I tried just installing it through wine natively, then using PlayOnLinux with various wine versions.

Steam installs fine and everything seems to work. But sadly portal 2 crashes after the Steam Video at the start.

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Any ideas? Adv Reply. June 4th, 2. Join Date Aug Beans 1, Portal 2 - Crashes after Steam Video What kind of graphics hardware do you have?

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Portal 2 runds great on my kids' computer running Ubuntu June 5th, 3. Join Date Oct Beans Hidden!

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Every time I try to run Portal 2 from Steam, it crashes after the intro videos, when reaching the loading screen. No matter how many times I try, it just keeps crashing and Steam keeps guessing the installation is corrupt. But when I first run Steam, and then start Portal 2 from the terminal, it works flawlessly except for the mouse being wonky occasionally. June 5th, 4.

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  • Join Date Oct Beans 2. Portal 2 - Crashes after Steam Video I have the same problem as you. June 6th, 5. Portal 2 - Crashes after Steam Video Sorry, meant to say in my first post. I'm currently not running the ATI drivers, as they were quite buggy. Faith View Profile View Posts.

    Portal 2 crashing in OS X El Capitan :: Steam for Mac

    Last edited by Faith ; 17 May, Ozymandis View Profile View Posts. Moulders View Profile View Posts. I had a similar issue, Mine was because I had mumble running in the background -. Delpod View Profile View Posts. I bought Portal 2 and I launched it immediately in an anxious flurry to play this wonderful game. Upon launching the game, it crashed.

    Anyone else getting this Portal 2 crash on chapter 4?

    I did a lot of research on how to fix it and I used this page but to no avail. After a long night at about 4 AM last night I decided to flash my bios. It failed and my computer was rendered a paperweight. That being said I was finally able to fix it at the cost of many things on my hard drive, including my windows office programs and such. I reinstalled Windows 7, Steam, and Portal 2. After 36 odd hours of trying to fix it, I finally did it.

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    Maybe is the itime to say goodbye to XP Linux no anime View Profile View Posts. Same Prob, an earlier response said validate game files. Last edited by Linux no anime ; 17 Jul, 6: Manually install DX9 to get Portal 2 and Crysis 3 working. Originally posted by BlistovMHz:. Thanks, installing DirectX 9 libs helped as well Win 8. I already have DX9, I can't even get 10 nor I'm using xp.